Finally finished something.. last minute print for FanExpo! 
Many thanks to illycia for helping me with basing. _(:3
reikureii asked: hi i checked out you store and everything is so so cute!! i wanted to ask if the sticker sheet comes only with the pre-order? or will it later be its own item? THANKS!!
eecks replied:

Hey there, thanks for checking out my store!

I’m only planning on printing enough of the sticker sheet to go with the preorders, with a one or two extras for friends. So no, they won’t be available on their own, sorry about that!

Put some originals for sale:
This is my first time selling originals, I hope they’ll find some lovely new homes..!
akibirdss asked: Hey, I saw your amazing Aqua postcards and I thought it would be cool if you turn some of them into pencil pouches~ Just a thought!
eecks replied:

I’ve been thinking of making some pencil cases sometime, but been trying to save up some funds first. I’ll think about it in the near future though, thanks for sharing!

arranthesleepy asked: Hi there! I've been squealing in excitement every time you upload a new work in your pale aqua series and I would absolutely love to buy the full postcard set to pin on my wall at uni! I just wanted to ask though - what sort of paper/card will you print the postcards on? Thanks very much :) you're amazing, don't stop painting <3
eecks replied:

Hey there, 

Thanks for enjoying my work! It’ll be printed on matte heavy cardstock (100lb) — I opted for that instead of heavier stock because it’d weigh less and be a less thick of a package. This helps shipping costs lower for people who are ordering!

Anonymous asked: I love your works! Can u give some tips on editing them in photoshop? How to have perfectly white background but still have the same colours as the original painted ones? And what was the name of the colour u used for your latest works? Thank you 😊
eecks replied:

Thanks anon!

You can edit using Image > Adjustments > Replace color. The colour of that I’ve been using is called pale aqua!

Anonymous asked: I love love love your art! I hope you'll put more original work in your store later on, it's amazing!
eecks replied:

Thank you so much! I-It makes me really happy to know a lot of people enjoy my originals too. ;w;///

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