Hi Grace!! Not sure if you get asked this often or not, but I've been confused over it for a bit ;; What's the difference between an artbook or mini-artbook and a zine? Is it just the proper name for a smaller artbook? Thank you in advance for taking your time to read and/or answer this!!

Hey there anon,

I’m not too sure about the official definition, or even if there is one, but from my knowledge, they’re both used pretty commonly to define a book containing art, usually cheaply produced and in small quantity. I know a lot of people use zine, particularly for fanzines which are for collections of fanwork derived from a particular series, but you could easily say artbook as well. 

I think some might find it weird to call it an ‘art book’ since it sounds more formal? I remember when I first started, I always expected to artbooks to be the ones that are printed for big companies, like “The art of ___” or something. So yeah, maybe zines are the term meant for smaller books. I’ve also heard people describe zines as something that’s “self-published, mainly for self-expression and not for profit”. I think the term came from in part from magazine, and it doesn’t have to just be a collection of artworks, perhaps it may contain comics and other mediums, like collages and stuff. There’s a whole another community for zines, which are quite different from art collections. 

For the most part, imo, I think it’s really up to the artist for how they want to define what they call their printed works in book form. And personally, I don’t really care what they call it, I just love that a collection of their art exists. 

I went on a bit of a ramble but hope that helped!!


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I really really love your art. Also, you've inspired me to want to try watercolor... Do you have any tips for a beginner?

Thanks~ Please refer to this ask.

Like I said in that post, the best way to get to use a medium is to run with it. Grab a cheap set from a local shop and just try it out!


Will you reprint your book?

If you’re talking about inktober 2013, yes I’m planning to reprint a small quantity. I’ll probably open preorders sometime this weekend!

Hi, I normally don’t make posts with just text on my blog, but this has been on my mind lately and I want to make a post about it. 

Just as everyone has the disclaimer about not copying, editing and redistributing their artwork, I want to add one more request: please don’t use my art (or anyone else’s for that matter) in your schoolwork.

You are welcome to pull inspiration, use elements and reproduce that into your own piece, but my request is to not copy a huge portion or the entire piece and hand it in as your assignment. I’m also not okay with it being printed out and used in any mosaic/mash-up kind of piece. Unless the project was to remake a piece (in which case, it’s quite flattering you chose my art as its subject), then please refrain from doing such.

In a sense I’m mainly referring to the younger audience, but if you’re in art school and you’re copying work— you might want to reconsider your career path.

Even though you are not making any monetary value in doing so, you are still benefiting on work that is not yours. I’m not sure if I’m on my own for this, but I liken art used in this way to be plagiarism. Sure, you did the “work on your own” by putting in the time to do it freehand, but just as copy and pasting copious amount of text (tracing) is not allowed in your essays, retyping the same said large quote isn’t allowed (copying) either. The means to get that text/art there onto your assignment is different, but the result is still the same - it’s not your own.

I know by bringing this up, I’ve done nothing but ensure a higher chance of it happening, but I’m doing so for the sake of myself than anything else — I’d rather not feign ignorance to the issue. 


Hi! I really really love your art! Thanks a lot for sharing it! I wondered if you planed to restock some aqua blue set of postcard because they're so lovely QvQ <3 Your storenvy is in my watch already no matter what! o/ Good continuation and take care~

Hey there anon!

I actually still have a couple packs of them left, but since canzine is coming up in November, I was planning on having those there and then putting the remainders, if there are any, online afterwards.

Thank you so much for the interest!